Who we are

Waterloo Exterminators has been a dedicated pest control service provider in the region of Waterloo, Ontario for the longest time.

Our Story

We have been providing services that are customized for each of our clients and we believe in offering specialized services that suit the needs of all of our clients.

Our exterminators are professionals, who have many years of experience in the job and who have been providing dedicated services to the local population for the longest time.

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We are a family-owned and locally operated organization

Our exterminators receive a high level of training

We use materials that are safe and eco-friendly

Our Services

Industries We Serve


Waterloo Exterminators are active in the residential areas of Waterloo, Ontario. We have been providing services in these areas since a long time, and as such have dedicated clients who trust our services and depend on them in order to get rid of the pests at home. To make sure that the homes we serve are rendered safe after our service, we also make it a priority that the homes do not constitute a health hazard to the members of the family.


We are also active in the commercial zones of Waterloo, Ontario and we have dedicated services for commercial office spaces that help ensure that the office spaces have appropriate hygienic practices in place and there are no possible health risks posed to the office staff working on the premises. We undertake thorough surveys and conduct in-depth pest extermination with an aim to ensure the safety of the staff at the commercial working place.


Why choose us?

Our service is reputed because of the level of dedication we offer to each of our jobs performed. We always believe in providing only the best quality of service to our clients and we try to reach out to each of the clients as soon as we receive a call for extermination.

Our Process

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