About Us

Our story

Waterloo Exterminators has been a dedicated pest control service provider in the region of Waterloo, Ontario for the longest time. We have been providing services that are customized for each of our clients and we believe in offering specialized services that suit the needs of all of our clients. Our exterminators are professionals, who have many years of experience in the job and who have been providing dedicated services to the local population for the longest time. For each job that we undertake, we make sure that we have surveyed the area and prepared a plan of action based on the same before moving ahead with the extermination procedure.

Our mission statement

At Waterloo Exterminators, our aim is on ensuring a quality of service that is superior to the other pest controls service providers. We aim to reach each household and provide the same level of care, while personalizing the process in order to better suit the needs of each of our clients. Reaching a household as soon as we receive a request for extermination, we are always equipped to provide our very best to each job that we perform. Our mission is to be able to provide affordable and efficient pest control services to as many clients in and around Waterloo, Ontario as possible.

What makes us unique?

Waterloo Exterminators has always stood out for its dedication to the extermination process. We have a team that is highly experienced and always ready to give their very best to each job that comes up. What makes us unique is the manner in which we take the time to understand a client’s needs well and then go ahead with the procedure of extermination. This helps to ensure that there is no health hazard posed to the residents.