Areas we serve

Region of Waterloo

Waterloo Exterminators has been active in and around the region of Waterloo, Ontario. Our team has been providing expert pest control services in the region for the longest time. We are a locally owned and operated organization and this allows us to reach our clients as soon as we receive a request for extermination. We have a variety of specialized techniques that we adopt when undertaking a job of pest control and extermination. Our services are available in both the residential and commercial districts within Waterloo, Ontario and we undertake all different types of extermination procedures based on the needs of each of our clients.

Extermination procedure

For carrying out the extermination procedure, our team will firstly undertake a procedure of thorough inspection and analysis, wherein we survey the entire area in order to understand the scope of the infestation. After we have conducted the survey, we then move on to the process of extermination and control, during which we undertake the best measures to remove the infestations and take prevention steps to prevent further infestations. Once we have completed the extermination job, we also make it safe for them to move around without any fear.